Advanced Chat College chat rooms. A place where college students and college aged people can come and chat with eachother online about anything on their minds.

Advanced Chat College Chat Rooms

College Chat-1

A Fun chat room with many friendly regular visiting repeat chatters online.

College Chat Center

A cool chat room with a mix of age groups and many friendly people.

Be Respectful: While we do believe in freedom of speech in our chat rooms we also believe in common courtesy and respect of others. If you are caught harassing others or being abusive you will be banned from the chat room. We are all here to have a good time. Keep that in mind.

Be Safe: While profiles allow you to put in some information about yourself for other chat members to see such as description, likes and dislikes, Please never give out your personal information out to anyone on the chat line such as phone number or address. Your personal information is just that Personal!  College chat rooms the cool place for college people to connect with eachother on the web today.